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The Magic Light, Verlag Nagel & Kimche, Zürich, 2001
Paperback: dtv, Reihe Hanser, 2004,
ISBN: 3-4236-2188-5

At eight years of age Set leaves his stepfather´s farm to learn the art of fighting from Scathach of the Shadows. After four years of training she sends him, like other chosen pupils before him, to the floating island whence only some return. Here, he has to survive without arms and shelter until the boat returns. This is his hardest test yet.

And suddenly there is Georgina in her orange bathrobe, wondering how she got from her suburban bed into this strange world.

A thrilling novel about one of the most famous heros of the Irish legends, later to become Cuchulainn. The book includes a "who is who" of Irish mythology.

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In the Valley of Shadows, Verlag Nagel & Kimche, Zürich, 2002,
ISBN: 3-3120-0930-8

Difficult years of learning lie behind Set. With Georginas help, he has passed the test on the floating island. Now, he has to win one last contest and earn a new name as a warrior. But of all the people, it is his best friend he has to fight - and he fails. Never again will he be able to face his teacher.

Georgina has started a new school in the autumn and she has a new friend, Alex. Everything would be great but for these strange dreams. Time and again Georgina sees the Druh, the dog that once saved her and Sets life, and every time something terrible happens to him. Does Set know about it? Alex and Georgina try to get in touch with him. "Over space and time", Alex whispers, "hear our calling ..." Georgina closes her eyes.

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Ha, I'm glad that no one knew ... (ed.), Nagel & Kimche, Zürich, 2004, ISBN: 3-3120-0945-6

"But this is impossible!", says Little Red Riding Hood indignantly, as she closes the book of fairy-tales. The Frog King sitting beside her in the moss is rocking his head from side to side. "Have you ever read this story?", Little Red Riding Hood inquires.

"Which one?" asks the Frog King. The moss is damp and he would rather be in the bed of the kings daughter. "Rumpelstilzchen!", Little Red Riding Hood replies angrily. The answer of the Frog King gets lost in a yawn.

"Well", Little Red Riding Hood sits up and folds her hands on the book of fairy-tales. "Once upon a time there was a miller, who had a daughter and because he had nothing else, he bragged mightily about the daughter. He even claimed that she could spin straw into gold!" The Frog King blinks.

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The Woman from Thebes

Who is the woman in the green dress at Grandpa’s funeral? David needs to find out. During his inquiries he comes across the story of Mauritius and his soldiers who were executed in the Valais – and of Verena who could cure the ill and work miracles. But did these stories really happen?


With Illustrations by Laura Jurt
SJW-Heft Nr. 2517
ISBN: 978-3-7269-0028-1

From 11 Years


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