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HandschriftThe Purloined Manuscript,

With concision and trenchant wit she tells a tale of ambition, cold-heartedness, lies, social masks, class barriers, unplumbed emotional depths, a missing manuscript and a daring forgery [...]. And she does this by skilfully mixing the layers and styles to create the best of documentary fiction. [...] Laura has much in common with her creator – and it is not least these similarities that make Gabrielle Alioth’s new novel a thrilling and scintillating read.
 Verena Stössinger in: Basler Zeitung, 18. April 2016


Not just a thrilling crime narrative, but also a revealing portrait of the self-centred elite in traditional Basel society.
Buchtip, Coopzeitung 16. Mai 2016


Every bit as appealing as Laura’s search for clues in familiar places – which Alioth captures succintly, precisely and very authentically – is her exposure of the society elite of Basel from an outsider perspective. […] A captivating and cleverly constructed novel that confronts two ways of making sense of the past: one the one hand, the research and interpretation of historical sources, on the other, literary invention.
Bettina Kugler in: St. Galler Tagblatt 15. Juni 2016