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Mina, Max, Vera – are the children and grandchildren of master baker August Stutz who shaped their existences beyond his grave. By resisting, suppressing and fleeing they tried to escape, but now, at the breaking points of their lives, they have to revisit their past and face their guilt. Once more Mina, the housewife, reads the letters she wrote to her husband during the war and postwar years. Once more the Vietnam pilot Max returns to Switzerland. And for the first time the butterfly breeder Vera learns what her mother really went through. Their stories form the portrait of a Swiss family in the 20th century. Be it the violence of the patriarch or the war, external events or internal dependencies¬ – they challenge certainties about home and belonging. This is a moving novel about silence in families, about the reflections of past and the search for one’s own truth.

order information:
Lenos Verlag, Basel,
ISBN 978-3-03925-015-8,
published October 2021

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29. August 2021 11:00 ab Neuhausen
Literaturboot auf dem Rhein,

4. November 2021 Schaffhausen

5.November 2021 Olten

13. November 2021 17:30 Zug
Höhenflug Literaturtage

18. November 2021 19:30 Liestal
Kantonsbibliothek Baselland

30. November 2021 10:00, Dublin
University College Dublin

2. Dezember 2021, Dublin
Embassy of Switzerland Dublin

7.Dezember 2021 19:00 Basel



Award of the Cultural Prize of Riehen town 2019

The Cultural Prize is awarded to the author Gabrielle Alioth

Gabrielle Alioth is a versatile author – she is awarded the prize in the amount of CHF 15'000 for remarkable cultural achievements

In the eyes of the Jury of the Cultural Prize the versatile and rich literary oeuvre of Gabrielle Alioth is forged by an exceptional style of writing which closely entwines reality and fiction. The works of Gabrielle Alioth include several novels and books for children in German as well as theatre plays, non-fiction books and most recently also poetry in English.

Gabrielle Alioth was born in 1955, grew up in Riehen and studied economics, the history of art and philosophy at the universities of Basel and Salzburg. In 1984 she moved to Ireland, where she first worked as a journalist and translator and since 1990 as a free-lance author. She is teaching at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and at the House of Literature Basel and the Adult Education Center Basel. She lives in Termonfeckin (County Louth).

Although the author is living in Ireland since many years, she is still considering Riehen as the actual and intellectual home that she carries within herself. She has contributed to the literary scene of Switzerland as a member of the program commission of the Solothurn Literary Days (from 2017 to 2020). In 1991 she was awarded the Mara Cassens Prize for her first novel.

The award ceremony for the Cultural Prize is open to the public and will take place October 22nd, 2020.

Riehen, June 2020

For further information contact:

Herbert Matthys, president of the Jury for the Cultural Prize,
Phone 079 659 23 62, e-mail:
Claudia Pantellini, head of cultural department, local government Riehen, phone 061 646 82 55, e-mail:


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Poets Coat

The Poet’s Coat – Der Mantel der Dichterin

Poems, English and German, translated by Fred Kurer, edited by Irène Bourquin

Waldgut, April 2019, Frauenfeld, ISBN 978-3-03740-138-5

Gabrielle Alioth, known as the author of many, often historical novels, for the first time presents a volume of verse. The collection The Poet’s Coat is the poetic biography of the Swiss writer living in Ireland for nearly four decades – the dark current of life, the groundwater below the surface on which the characters of her novels walk and act.

In contrast to the novels, written in German, the original language of the poems is English.
For the bilingual edition in the series lektur of Waldgut Publisher (Frauenfeld/CH) the poems were translated into German by the Swiss anglicist and poet Fred Kurer.


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Literatur aus erster Hand

08.11. - 19.11. 2021, Luzern




ab August 2021 bei der Volkshochschule Basel

Individuelle Schreibberatung für literarische, (auto-)biografische und andere Texte 
(online oder in Präsenzform nach Absprache)




am 23.06. / 21.07 / 24.08 / 21.09.2021

jeweils ab 14.30 im Senevita Erlenmatt, Basel,


Auf der Suche nach der Vergangenheit – Recherche-Kurs

am 06.11. und 20.11.2021

jeweils 10.00 bis 15.00 (online), Volkshochschule Basel


Schreiblust – Schreibweekend

13. und 14. November 2021 

jeweils von 9.30 bis 16.00 Uhr, im Literaturhaus Basel,

in Kooperation mit den alumni Basel, Universität Basel.


Der rote Faden – Textwerkstatt

Am 15.01./ 29.01./12.02/26.02.2022 (online)

jeweils von 10.00 bis 13.00 Uhr, Volkshochschule Basel

in den Räumen der VHS beider Basel,
Clarastrasse 12, 4058 Basel