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Poets Coat

The Poet’s Coat – Der Mantel der Dichterin

Poems, English and German, translated by Fred Kurer, edited by Irène Bourquin

Waldgut, April2019, Frauenfeld, ISBN 978-3-03740-138-5

Gabrielle Alioth, known as the author of many, often historical novels, for the first time presents a volume of verse. The collection The Poet’s Coat is the poetic biography of the Swiss writer living in Ireland for nearly four decades – the dark current of life, the groundwater below the surface on which the characters of her novels walk and act.

In contrast to the novels, written in German, the original language of the poems is English.
For the bilingual edition in the series lektur of Waldgut Publisher (Frauenfeld/CH) the poems were translated into German by the Swiss anglicist and poet Fred Kurer.


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26. März 2019 (19.00)
Bachletten Buchhandlung, Bachlettenstrasse 7, Basel

25. April 2019 (20.00)
im Kult-Bau, Konkordiastrasse 27, St. Gallen


Gallus, the Stranger

Lenos Verlag, Basel, September 2018 ISBN: 978-3857874895

For more than twenty years Gallus has been dwelling in the wilderness of the Steinach Valley when a stranger appears. With her questions she forces the unruly hermit to remember his past: the perilous journey that around 590 AD took him and a group of wandering monks from Ireland to the Vosges and then to Lake Constance, their violent attempts at conversion and most of all the separation from his teacher and companion, the stern Columbanus.

The story of the voluntary emigrant and social dropout of the early seventh century, who lent his name to St. Gallen, resonates with the life of the stranger at the end of the twentieth century who found a home in Ireland and lost it again. The fate of the two protagonists connects over time to form a story of emigration, love and loss



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17. Oktober (19.30) in Basel in der Buchhandlung Orell Füssli, Freie Strasse 17

24. Oktober (20.00) in St. Gallen in der Buchhandlung Rösslitor, Marktgasse statt.



11. Januar 2019 (20.00) Heaven’s Pub, Waldeck 95, Himmelried/SO

7. Februar 2019 (19.30) Kantonsbibliothek Frauenfeld

20. Februar 2019 (19.30) Kulturhaus Helferei, Kirchgasse 13, Zürich

25. Februar 2019 (19.30) Coalmine Café, Volkart Haus, Winterthur

22. März 2019  (19.00) Hotel Jufa, Vorburggasse 1-3, Meersburg, Deutschland

1. April 2019 (20.00) FREIRÄUME, Hofhalde 5, Konstanz Deutschland

23. April 2019 Stiftbibliothek , St. Gallen

24. Mai 2019 (19.00) Bibliothek Steinach

16. Oktober 2019 (20.00) Stadtbibliothek Kriens


in 2020:

7. Februar 2020 (21.15) Hotel Waldhaus, Sils-Maria


William Tell – My Father

Who is WilliamTell? A hero? A rebel? Or a killer who ambushes his victim? Why do people talk about him although he never really existed, and why is his image on penknives, crayons and on the Five Franc Coin?

Tim has to find out. Together with his sisters he follows the traces of the Swiss national hero and discovers why William Tell is important for him as well.


With Illustrations by Laura Jurt
SJW, ISBN: 978-3-7269-0129-5

From 11 Years


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Lesungen aus "Tell - mein Vater"

7. - 9. November 2018 in "Literatur aus erster Hand", Luzern (CH)



Lesungen aus "Gallus, der Fremde"

siehe oben


8. Februar 2019 (19.30),

Vortrag: Unser Schweizer Standpunkt,
Dichtermuseum, Liestal (Schweiz)


4. April 2019 (vormittags)

Lesung am University College Dublin


12. September 2019 (19.30)

Lesung aus „Ausgewandert“,
Wohn- und Ortsmuseum Dättlikon (Schweiz), im Rahmen der Ausstellung „Heimat“



Schreiblust – Schreibweekend

am 2. und 3. November 2019, 

jeweils von 9.30 bis 16.00 Uhr, im Literaturhaus Basel,

in Kooperation mit den alumni Basel, Universität Basel.


Der rote Faden – Textwerkstatt

am 12.1., 26.1., 9.2. und 23.2. 2019

jeweils von 10.00 bis 13.00 Uhr, Volkshochschule Basel

im Kollegienhaus der Universität Basel


Hochschule Luzern - Design & Kunst

15. - 19. November 2018: Schreibseminar für Illustratoren - Non Fiction

22. - 29. Oktober 2018: Schreibseminar für Illustratoren - Fiction

05./06./12. November und 10. Dezember 2018: Schreibseminar für Objektdesigner